Ski tips for skiing powder


Top tips from elite ski instructor Mark Gear for skiing off piste in deep powder snow.



A two footed platform

Aim to push both skis into the snow when intitiating your turns, this will provide you with a two-footed platform of pressure through your turns.  It's important to change your edges simultaneously and not sequentially. 


Make smooth shaped turns

Go for smooth fluid movements, this will encourage smooth shaped turns.  Any abrupt movements or turns will have an abrupt effect on your balance. Smooth turns and a good rhythm are essential for a fluid powder skiing run.


Push the heels downwards

Not to be confused with leaning back!  In deep snow we should push the heels downwards a little to keep the ski tips up.  This will stop the feeling of the ski tips wanting to dive deep into the snow which is oftern proceeded with the classic forward face plant.


Remember to pole plant

Smooth coordinated pole plants are very important.  This will help you to build fluidity and rhythm into your run.  The pole plant also helps for commiting to the turn and helps move your body forwards and in the direction of the turn.


Off piste skiing tips by elite ski instructor Mark Gear