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THIS MONTHS SKI TIPS.   Carving turns 

What is carving ?

Carving is a form of ski turn that is non skiddy, ie using the shape of the skis and only two of the three steering elements (pressure, edging and not using rotation). If correctly applied, the skis will cut through the snow smoothly tracking forwards around an arc.

Carving tracksinside-edge

How to carve and initiate the turn:

Start skiing in a straight line on a suitably flattish piste with your feet at hip width apart. Without turning your feet, tilt both your skis in the direction you wish to turn. At the same time stretch your outside leg to push the ski against the snow. Feel the skis grip and allow time for the skis to start carving.  


How to hold the carve:    Resist the desire to rotate your legs and feet. let the pressure build up. As the pressure increases in the arc, you can increase the amount of edge tilt to tighten the carve.



How to finish the turn: When you feel the turn is complete, simply release the pressure built up in the turn by softening the outside leg, this will allow the feet to come naturally back underneath the body.



How to transfer to the initiation of the next turn: With a stretch down into the snow of the new outside leg, resist the new temptation to turn your feet and skis, using the tilting motion and stretch of the leg to create more pressure on the outside ski – so repeating the process used in the turn before.

Linking clean carving turns is a great sensation, it's fast but feels stable. We hope you enjoy the tips.

Mark Gear ( BASI level 4 ISTD) All Mountain Performance Chamonix




British ski school Chamonix

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British ski school Chamonix

British ski school Chamonix

The specialist British ski school in Chamonix for off piste skiing.

In the last Decade or so, the French Alps have seen a number of new British ski schools setting up in many resorts. Their reputation is excellent with smaller group size's and highly skilled ski coaches who are tested to very high standards. Not just of their skiing ability, but also their teaching and coaching skills. It's ski coaching at its very best and in native English. This is helping British & native English speaking skiers taking ski lessons in France, to really develop a better understanding of the sport and how they can make big leaps forward in improving their skiing. 

We are a local Chamonix English speaking ski school specialising in high quality all mountain & off piste ski coaching.  Offering our clients a full range of ski courses and private ski lessons for intermediate, advanced and expert skiers alike.

Our ski instructors hold the highest qualification available through BASI (The British Association of Snowsport Instructors) and ISIA (International Ski Instructors Association).  Now into our 10th Year since AMP was founded, our reputation as a British ski school for skiing enthusiasts is growing from strength to strength.

So if you are looking for an English speaking ski school with a difference, why not come to Chamonix, France and sample our new school approach to ski school.


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Private Ski Lesson Prices

Private ski lessons in Chamonix with elite British ski Instructor Mark Gear.

Half Day Private Ski Lessons

250€  (Approx. £200)

Lesson prices are for 1 - 3 people. For a private group upto 6 people, add another 25€ per extra person.

For 3 hours of private ski coaching. Mornings from 9am. Afternoons also available.

Full Day Private Ski Lessons

420€  (Approx. £335)

Lesson prices are for 1 - 3 people. For a private group upto 6 people, add another 40€ per extra person.

For a full day of private ski coaching starting at 9am (6hrs). 

Transport from Chamonix to the slopes is provided for half day ski lessons.  Transport to and from the slopes is provided for full day ski lessons.



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Off piste ski courses & private lessons with elite ski instructor Mark Gear.

Based in Chamonix, France and specialising in off piste performance ski courses for all mountain and backcountry skiing since 2004.  Intermediate ski courses, advanced ski courses and expert ski courses run all season.  Also offering private ski lessons for individuals & private groups.

Mark is qualified to the highest international level with years of experience teaching off piste skiing in Chamonix, France & across Europe. His innovative, fun and professional ski teaching focuses on your personal goals whilst encouraging control, versatility & individual skier expression.  

Ski courses include helpful video feedback, ski lift priority & minibus transport for skiing the best terrain around Chamonix.

Off piste ski courses in Chamonix 2016/2017.    Book ski courses now!

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Over 20 off piste ski courses on the programme this winter season.

With over 20 off piste ski courses running in Chamonix this winter, we are Chamonix's leading provider of instructional off piste ski courses.

Ski courses

Ski courses for off piste skiing in Chamonix for intermediate, advanced and expert level skiers.

Our off piste ski courses run all season in Chamonix from early December until late April.  The focus of each ski course is to improve your off piste and all mountain skiing. There are 3 course levels to choose from for intermediate, advanced and expert level skiers.  Simply check the find your ski level page to see which ski course is best for you.

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Skiing Video Analysis on each ski course.

We use effective, daily video analysis and feedback on all ski courses.  This is a short and helpful session of around 30 minutes at the end of skiing each day.  The video feedback sessions allow you to watch yourself skiing in full HD and in slow motion to help you understand how to develop better skiing.  The video skiing analysis is a powerful ski coaching tool that can help dramaticly improve your skiing.  Occasionaly bad weather can stop the video sessions.

Private transport on all ski courses.

Each ski course has it's own private minibus for the duration of the course. This gives us flexibility to transport to the best skiing conditions available.  We aim to ski a variety of the Chamonix ski areas and have the option of skiing some other close by resorts should the skiing conditions be better.


Read about off piste skiing in Chamonix.

Find out about the type of skiing terrain in Chamonix.  Below is a description of each of the main ski areas in and around Chamonix.

Les Grands Montets / Chamonix off piste ski courses

Les Grands Montets ski area offers big vertical descents with glaciers on the upper section. There is plenty of wide, open bowl skiing with some great steep sections and couloirs. The tree skiing and in-to valley couloirs are also great for expert skiers.  A good lift system opens up 3 sides to this amazing off piste mountain. Our best spots: Le Grand Muir, Pylones, Point de Vue, Combe de la Pendant, the Combe des Rachasse. The Magic Forest (Dream Forest) also offers fantastic off piste skiing in the trees.

Le Tour / Chamonix off piste ski courses

Le Tour at the high end of the Chamonix valley is great for all skier levels, on piste and off piste. The front side offer's easy terrain for beginner off piste skiers. This is an ideal place for us to take intermediate level ski courses on the first couple of days of the course. The back side of the mountain offers very nice off piste terrain for the advanced and expert courses. Best spots. All the back side and off the Possettes drag lift for some classic Chamonix off piste. A short climb on foot to the top of Tete de Balme, provides long backcountry ski runs. 

Le Brevent and La Flegere / Chamonix off piste ski courses

These ski areas are linked together and offer very good couloir and open bowl off piste skiing. Most of the off piste in this part of Chamonix is south facing so avalanches can be frequent on warm afternoons. Best spots. La Floria, Brevent summit, Col Cornu. Combe de Lachanal for more great Chamonix off piste skiing.

Les Houches / Chamonix off piste ski courses

Les Houches is situated as at the lower end of the Chamonix valley and offers very nice tree-lined piste skiing and some shorter off piste runs. Best spots. Under the Prarion cables, The hidden meadows and secret off piste spots that only us locals know about.

Courmayeur Italy / Chamonix off piste ski courses

Just 25 minutes drive from Chamonix, through the Mt Blanc tunnel we arrive in Italy, at one of the Courmayeur cable cars.  Courmayeur is a great ski area for all levels of skier with perfectly groomed pistes, fantastic mountain food & powder skiing off the pistes.

How to get to Chamonix

Chamonix is just 1 hour drive from Geneva International airport making it one of the easiest major ski resorts to get to. Many companies fly into Geneva airport from most major airports. There are also many airport transfer companies offering shared minibus or private transport to Chamonix.


All Mountain Performance - Chamonix's leading off piste & backcountry ski school. Specialists in off piste ski courses and private ski coaching since 2004.

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