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Ski coaching

Quality ski coaching in Chamonix with elite ski teacher Mark Gear.


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Ski coaching to dramaticaly improve your skiing level by developing all aspects of performance.

The term "performance" in most sports can be broken down into 4 main aspects of the overall performance.


  • Technical performance
  • Tactical performance
  • Psycological performance
  • physical performance


Imagine your skiing having developed all performance aspects through stratigically designed exercises and powerfull performance enhancing drills.

This coaching approach really helps to improve your skiing performance by providing the right information at just the right time. 



Performance Ski Coaching in Chamonix with All Mountain Performance.

Performance ski coaching - Coaching all aspects of skiing performance


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"Ski the whole mountain with contol, versatility and expression"

All Mountain Performance ski coaching aim's to radically improve a skier's level by developing all aspects of their skiing performance. This is acheived by developing performance in a variety of conditions and terrain using modern ski coaching methods that involve not only the development of skiing technique, but also taking into account all other aspects of the skiers overall performance.

The following aspects of skiing performance can be considered when looking for improvement.


  • Technical skiing performance,
  • Tactical skiing performance,
  • Psychological skiing performance,
  • Physical skiing performance. 


If we look at it this way, skiing technique is only 25% of a skiers overall performance.

Imagine your skiing having developed all aspects through stratigically designed exercises and powerfull performance enhancing drills that really work.

All Mountain Performance ski coaching quickly identifys which performance aspect needs developing the most in any given situation or task. Which performance aspect is the weekest? and why? 

Then we provide ski coaching that hits the nail on the head, with exercises and drills to help you make big leaps forward with your skiing. Helping you to improve your skiing performance by providing you with just the right information, at just the right time.


Performance Ski Coaching in Chamonix for off piste and all mountain skiing.


Our Philosophy


Safety must come first. If a skier feels relativley safe, they will more likley enjoy their skiing.  This creates the state of mind required for optimum learning. We aim to provide saftey and enjoyment with technical and tactical help to provide the right learning enviroment.


Teaching skiing is much more than just our profession, it's our passion motivating and driving us to inspire and enlighten you.


We always focus on the individulal needs of each client, ensuring the emphasis is on personal skier improvement, even in groups of up to 6 skiers.


We understand skiers' needs and ultimate goals.  We teach control first, then versatilty and then individual skier expression.  Why?

Skiers' are happier when in control.  Let's face it, nobody likes feeling out of control.  For this reason control must come first.  

Once a skier has control, they can then relax and learn the second most important skier need, versatility.  Versatliity needs to come next because the mountain is such a variable place with the snow and terrain changing all the time.  Sometimes the snow will change from powder to ice and slush in just one run.  For this reason, a skier needs to learn versatility with their skills to be able to cope with this constantley changing enviroment. 

Expression comes next.  If a skier is in control and versatile with their skills, they can start to fully express themselves on the mountain choosing more inventive lines which provides greater exhileration.


Skiing is a sport that requires freedom to move so we can balance and adjust as we ski.  We help encourage your own natural style to develop so you can feel natural and free as you ski.  It is NOT our aim to make everyone ski the same way. Your way is better!


We believe you will learn something much better if you understand why and how it works. This is why we also develop your knowledge and awareness of how your skis work against the snow. This will enhance your ability to more effectively influence your skis.


People learn much better by their own experiences than they do by simply watching or listening to others.  For this reason we provide innovative tasks and exercises that are strategically designed to give you insight on how your skis work against and in the snow.  This will help you to discover, feel and develop more positive skiing.


All skiers can improve. Even the best skiers in the world have coaching. It's fun to keep on improving and learning as a skier.   We continually strive to improve our own skiing, knowledge of the sport and mountain environment so that we stay at the forefront of skiing. 



About All Mountain Performance


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Off piste ski courses & private lessons with elite ski teacher Mark Gear.

Based in Chamonix, France, specialising in off piste performance ski courses for all mountain and backcountry skiing. Intermediate ski courses, advanced ski courses and expert ski courses run all season.  Also offering private ski lessons for individuals & private groups.

Mark is qualified to the highest international level with many years experience teaching off piste skiing in Chamonix, France & across Europe. His innovative, fun and professional ski teaching focuses on skiers personal goals whilst encouraging control, versatility & individual skier expression.  

Off piste ski courses include helpful video feedback, ski lift priority & private minibus transport for skiing the best terrain in and around Chamonix.

Off piste ski courses Chamonix 2013/2014.    Book ski courses now!

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All Mountain Performance - Chamonix's leading provider of off piste performance ski courses.

Ski courses

Off piste skiing courses in Chamonix for intermediate, advanced and expert skiers.

Each ski course has it's own private minibus for the duration of the course.  This gives us flexibility to transport to the best skiing conditions available.  We aim to ski a variety of the Chamonix ski areas on ski courses. 

Les Grands Montets / Chamonix off piste ski courses

 Les Grands Montets ski area offers big vertical descents with glaciers on the upper section. There is plenty of wide, open bowl skiing with some great steep sections and couloirs. This is Chamonix off piste skiing at its best. The tree skiing and in-to valley couloirs are also great for expert skiers.  A good lift system opens up 3 sides to this amazing off piste mountain. Our best spots: Le Grand Muir, Pylones, Point de Vue, La Combe de la Pendant, Combe de la Rachasse. The Magic Forest (Dream Forest) also offers very good off piste skiing in the trees.

Le Tour / Chamonix off piste ski courses

Le Tour at the high end of the Chamonix valley is great for all skier levels, on piste and off piste. The front side offer's easy terrain for beginner off piste skiers. This is an ideal place for us to take intermediate level ski courses on the first couple of days of the course. The back side of the mountain offers very nice off piste terrain for the advanced and expert courses. Best spots. All the back side and off the Possettes drag lift for some classic Chamonix off piste. A short climb on foot to the top of Tete de Balme, provides long backcountry ski runs.


Le Brevent and La Flegere / Chamonix off piste ski courses

These ski areas are linked together and offer very good couloir and open bowl off piste skiing. Most of the off piste in this part of Chamonix  is south facing so avalanches can be frequent on warm afternoons. Best spots. La Floria, Brevent summit, Col Cornu. Combe de Lachanal for more great Chamonix off piste skiing.

Les Houches / Chamonix off piste ski courses

Les Houches is situated as at the lower end of the Chamonix valley and offers very nice tree-lined piste skiing and some shorter off piste runs. Best spots. Under the Prarion cables, The hidden meadows and secret off piste spots that only us locals know about.

Chamonix is just 1 hour drive from Geneva airport. Many companies fly into Geneva airport from most major UK airports making it very easy to find transport to come and join one of our ski courses.


All Mountain Performance - Chamonix's leading off piste & backcountry ski school.  Offering ski courses, off piste ski courses and private ski lessons.

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